There are great online tools for trimming down a video, but what if you want to trim out a section of a video clip? That is, you want to remove a section of the video and cut from one section to the next?

Commonly used by YouTube vloggers like Logan Paul, cuts can increase the tempo of your video and make it more engaging than a straight recording. Cutting out a video clip can also make your video more polished since you can remove filler words and interruptions from your footage. You can remove the less interesting parts and focus on the highlights.

In this post, I’ll explain how to cut a video using a free online tool called Kapwing. Kapwing is free to use and works on any phone, computer, or tablet from the browser. You don’t have to download any software or sign in to use it. There are four steps to cut out a video clip:

  1. Upload Video to Kapwing’s Trimmer
  2. Trim or Cut
  3. Create and Share

Step 1: Upload Video to Kapwing

Kapwing’s video trimmer was designed to help people shorten their videos and cut sections out of a video. You can cut a middle section out of a video by using the "Cuts" feature. To get started, go to Kapwing's Video Trimmer.

Video Trimmer Homepage, Kapwing
Video Trimmer Homepage

Upload the full length video, including the middle section that you want to remove. If you're on a computer, you can drag-and-drop the video file onto the "Upload" button or click upload to find it in your file system. Creators can also import a YouTube video by pasting the URL onto the Kapwing homepage.

In my example, I want to shorten a 2 minute YouTube video into a trailer that I can post on Instagram. Instagram videos must be 60 seconds or less, so I need to cut my video to shorten the content and meet the length requirement. I'm going to cut out things like the introduction, the outro, the subscribe promo, and anything else that's not related to the core substance of the video.

Step 2: Trim or Cut

Once you’ve uploaded your full-length video, you’ll see a video preview playing on the left. If you want to shorten your video, use the purple slider to trim down your video, adjusting the start and end times with the white handles or typing timestamps into the input boxes below.

To cut the video, click the "+ Add Cut" button. A cut corresponds to a section that you want to remove or slice out of the video. Move the white sliders of the Cut to specify what section you want to clip out. As you adjust the start and end time, the main timeline fills with a dashed overlay, showing you what sections of the video will not appear in your final creation.

Continue adding cuts until your video preview looks like you want it to. The "Output" timestamp in the upper right corner shows what the duration of your cut video will be, a useful reference if you're trying to meet some maximum time length.

Step 3: Create and share

Watch the video preview all the way through to make sure that the cuts look right. If everything looks correct, click “CREATE” to process your cut video.

Kapwing will process your video in the cloud by deleting the Cut sections and merging the remaining pieces back into one cohesive video. I cut out the introduction in my video, a short middle part, and trimmed out the outro.

Once your cut video is done processing, you can share it with friends by copy/pasting the URL, download it, or share it on Twitter and Facebook directly. You can also re-edit the trimmed sections to adjust the cuts or add more.

Thanks for reading! This technique is perfect for making Instagram trailers for YouTube videos, cutting out filler words, increasing the tempo of a video, and making YouTube compilations. Kapwing is free to use; you can remove the small watermark just by signing in.