You don’t have to be a video editing professional to create a beautiful or informative slideshow with music. Thanks to advances in creative technology, people can now easily make a free slideshow with music from any device.

In this article, I’ll explain how to make a video slideshow with music using a free online video editor called Kapwing. Rather than picking lame stock music from a limited library, Kapwing creators can import any song from YouTube  or search for songs within the editors' music library to pair with their slideshow. You can make a slideshow using as many pictures and videos as you like.

With Kapwing, you can skip downloading large and complex software and jump right into creating on any phone, tablet, or computer, including Chromebooks. It's free to use most tools, and each feature is beginner-friendly without compromising quality. Users can also work with others in real-time to assemble a slideshow for a group project.

Kapwing’s Video Maker accommodates all sorts of video slideshows. Everyday, more than 40,000 creators use it to edit videos and images like:

This tutorial will show you how to make a slideshow with music in five steps:

  1. Open the Video Editor
  2. Upload Photos and Videos
  3. Arrange and Design
  4. Add Music
  5. Publish and Share

Step 1: Open Video Studio

Navigate to Kapwing’s Video Maker and click “Get Started.” This Video Studio helps creators combine multiple scenes (photos, video clips, GIFs) into a video slideshow. You can check out a demo of it on the home page!

Video maker homepage

From here, click "Scenes" on the left toolbar to open the scene view of the Studio. This is where each image, video, and GIF will go to create the slideshow. If you are creating a slideshow on an iPhone or Android, tap "Menu" then "Scenes."

Blank Video Maker

Step 2: Upload Photos (and Video Clips)

The next step is to bring in all of the pictures, video clips, and GIFs you want in your slideshow into the Video Maker. Click "Upload" to make your first slide, then click "Edit Scenes." If you're using a computer, drag all of the image files into the Upload box. Or, select them from your file system one by one. On a phone or tablet, you can upload photos and videos from your camera roll.

Kapwing supports all popular file types: .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, .MP4, and more.

Video Maker

Creators can choose any aspect ratio they want for their slideshow. Use the preset buttons to change the canvas size for Instagram (square 1:1), Story (vertical 9:16), YouTube (landscape 16:9), or a custom size. This will resize all of the scenes in your slideshow so that the outputs looks as desired.

Color: Creators can set a custom background color with the “Background” tool. Choose from the preset options or enter a custom hexcode to customize the background fill.

Once all of the photos are upload, click the play button to preview your slideshow. You can drag the scenes to rearrange the slideshow, duplicate scenes, and delete or replace scenes.

Step 3: Arrange and Design

Once all of your videos and images have loaded, it’s time to design your slideshow. Click or tap, "Edit Scenes" to begin arranging end editing the slideshow. The Studio shows you a preview of what your output will look like. Rearrange the scenes, or duplicate and delete the ones you don’t want. If you have some video clips in your slideshow, you can trim down the clip to a shorter section or cut out mistakes.

Speed: To make the slideshow go faster or slower, click the "Edit duration" button on one of the photos. Use the dropdown options to adjust the duration of each image. Make the photos last longer if you want the slideshow to go slower and shorter if you want the slideshow to go faster.

Edit duration tool

Crop vs No Crop: By default, the pictures and videos you upload are cropped to fit into the output area. But you can change this setting by clicking the "Fit with border" button in the video options panel. When you fit with border, padding appears around each one of your clips to avoid cropping them in the final slideshow.

Step 4: Add Music

Once your slideshow is done, it's time to add music! Click the "Add Audio" button underneath the Background Color" section on the left side of the Studio.

In the Add Music space, you can upload an MP3 file or import a song directly from YouTube by pasting the URL. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, you can also record a voice narrative to go with your video.

Add Music to Slideshow

Once you import or upload a soundtrack, you can adjust the volume of the video or the music, change the start time relative to the video, loop the sound, or trim the audio track down to a certain section. When you click “Done”, you can preview the whole video with audio added.

Step 5: Publish and Share

Back in the Studio, you can also add design elements to the layout of each scene. For example, you can put a watermark in the corner of your video, add text annotations or titles, make collages with multiple clips, or position stickers and shapes on the canvas. Use the sliders in the corner of each layer to size and position it or make a picture collage.

Once the video preview looks right, click the “Publish” button to process your video slideshow. Kapwing will burn all of your scenes together into one cohesive MP4 on remote servers, so it won’t heat up your computer. You can share the URL to the montage or download it to publish it on social media. YouTubers, meme makers, brand managers, and popular Instagrammers use Kapwing every day to power their social content.

Made a mistake? Since Kapwing is based fully in the cloud, you can always go back to edit your slideshow video. Just click the "Edit" button.

If it's your first time using Kapwing, the slideshow will have a small watermark in the bottom right corner. Sign in to remove the watermark for free and save the slideshow to a Kapwing Workspace so that you can edit and download it later.

How to Make a Slideshow with Music for Free Online

Thanks for reading! I hope that this article has helped you make an awesome video slideshow online. Kapwing is a startup, and we’re improving it everyday, so let us know if you have ideas to make it better.

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