You have pictures — JPEG or PNG files — and want to turn them into a video or GIF, but how? In this article, I’ll explain how to make a video from pictures online using a free video editor called Kapwing.

Kapwing is a video, image, and audio editor designed for beginners, so you won’t need to learn to use iMovie or Adobe Premiere just to complete this simple video editing task. Kapwing works on every device: Macs, iPhones, Android, Windows computers, Chromebooks, and tablets. There are no ads, and you can use it without needing to register an account. Just head to the website to get started!

Here’s the example video that I made from the blog article cover images I used for our resources library. This video – made from pictures – illustrates the breadth of our support materials:

Step 1: Open a Slideshow Maker

For the task of turning pictures into a video, I recommend Kapwing’s Studio. In addition to helping you arrange and size out a montage, the Studio helps creators add music, text, and stickers in intuitive ways. Kapwing supports images, videos, live photos, and GIFs, so you can mix media without having to worry about complex transitions.

Open Kapwing’s Studio and click “Get Started.” Then, start out with a blank canvas. Kapwing gives you a default 1:1 digital canvas, but you can change it to size for IGTV, Instagram Stories, YouTube, or any other publishing platform. I decided to set my canvas to 5:4, a good size for Twitter and Facebook.

Once you have your digital canvas set up, add a “Scene” for each picture you want to add. My slideshow has six pictures, so I added 6 blank scenes.

Video Made from Pictures Edit blank
Blank editor in the Kapwing Studio

Step 2: Upload your pictures

The next step is to upload all of the pictures you want in your montage video. For each scene, drag your images onto the screen. The images are automatically sized to take up the full scene, but you can crop or resize the picture by using the sliders on the corners of the picture layer.

Each scene takes 3 seconds by default. If you want to make the video faster or slower, click the “Timeline” button to change the duration of the current scene, or click on the Timeline icon next to the seconds in the scene header. In the final video, Kapwing will treat each layer as an image converted to a video.

Video Made from Pictures Edit
Scenes with pictures uploaded

Step 3: Arrange and edit the pictures

Drag the scene in to the right order that you want them to appear. You can duplicate scenes, add text scenes, or add a title slide or an outro to make your slideshow video more cohesive. Do you want to add music to your montage of pictures? Just click the “Audio” button in the footer to add music to your video. Creators can paste the link to the YouTube video of the song, if they don’t have the MP3 already in their library.

Once the video preview looks right, go through and edit each scene individually. You can add images, text, captions, or other visual elements on each scene. You could put a watermark into the corner of each scene or make a picture collage. Make layers appear and disappear dynamically using the “Timeline” view.

Video with Timeline text and stickers

BONUS: Creators can instead make a GIF from a set of pictures by going to the "Settings" menu in the Studio and choosing to publish the creation as a GIF.

Step 4: Publish and Share

Once the video preview looks right, watch the video preview all the way through from start to finish. Then, click “Publish” to process your picture slideshow. Kapwing will process an MP4 file and return it to you for downloading.

Kapwing is fully online, so you can “Edit” the video to rearrange visual pictures or make tweaks to the picture slideshow. Here’s another example video from pictures from a Kapwing user:

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you make better videos from pictures. Slideshow videos are a great way to share memories, reminisce, or make a digital card for a birthday or holiday. Kapwing’s fast, accessible tools are an excellent way to get started with picture videos.

How to Make a Video from Pictures