GIFs (whether you pronounce it GIFs or GIFs) are animated images that bring joy to all that come upon them. But, sadly, you can’t post a GIF to Instagram OR Snapchat – you just have to keep them to yourself.

What do you do if you found a new GIF that you love, and you want to share it on your IG or Snapchat story? In 2021, Instagram and Snapchat still don't support the GIF format so you can't share GIFs directly to either platform.

The good news is, converting a GIF to a video will only take about a minute, so you can share your GIFs quickly. Have your GIF ready and get started:

  1. Upload Your GIF to the Kapwing Studio
  2. Edit it for sharing
  3. Publish and download
  4. Share on Instagram or Snapchat

Step 1: Upload Your GIF to the Kapwing Studio

A screenshot of the Kapwing Studio upload screen.

First things first: head on over to, click Start Editing to enter the Studio, and upload your GIF. If you’re using a GIF from an online location like Twitter, GIPHY, or Facebook, you don’t need to download it first: simply copy the GIF’s URL and paste it to Kapwing directly.

If you're using a GIF you already have saved on your device, click the upload button and find it one your device. If it's easily accessible, you can drag & drop your GIF directly into the Studio window.  

Step 2: Edit It for Sharing

Once your GIF is uploaded, you can edit it for your Instagram story. Since Instagram Stories have to be in a 9:16 aspect ratio, you'll need to crop it first so it fits the Story format:

A screenshot of a 9:16 GIF with text added in the Kapwing Studio.

To do this, simply hit Crop on the right toolbar, then select the “Instagram & Snap Story” crop preset. Move the crop around to see which part works best.

While you're in the Studio, you can use Kapwing's tools to make any other edits you'd like:

Add & edit text
• Add pictures & overlays
• Add text animations

Step 3: Publish and Download

When your GIF is ready to go, select Export Video in the upper right corner and give Kapwing a few seconds to process the video. When it's done processing, select the Download button to save it straight to your device.

If you're not signed into a Kapwing account, sign in or sign up using your Google or Facebook account – once you've signed into a Kapwing account, the watermark in the lower right corner will be removed from your final video.

A screenshot of the Kapwing download page.

Step 4: Share on Instagram or Snapchat

Now that your GIF is an MP4 video file that you can share directly to Instagram or Snapchat! Here's a quick tutorial to show you how to share your video to Instagram:

Screenshots showing how to share videos on Instagram.

And here's a brief how-to on sharing your converted GIF on Snapchat:

Screenshots showing how to share videos on Snapchat.

For more tips and tutorials on creating great digital content in 2021, check out our YouTube channel Kapwing App. And while you're here, look through some related articles on IG Story editing:

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