When you stumble upon that perfect GIF, you want to share it everywhere! But not every site allows you to upload the same GIF size, since different platforms vary in the sizes they can handle. The hilarious and relatable GIF you found on Google may be too big a file to share on Twitter.

Fortunately, you can use Kapwing to quickly reduce the size of your GIFs, making them easier to share on all your favorite platforms, whether it’s for an Instagram story or a tweet, or to be sent in your next group chat message.

The steps to reducing the GIF size are simple.
1. Upload the gif to Kapwing Studio
2. Input the size dimensions you want in the output settings
3. Download and share your perfectly sized GIF

1. Upload the GIF to Kapwing Studio

You can upload any file you find online (from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Giphy, etc.) by pasting the GIF’s link or dragging it onto the Kapwing workspace. In the Studio, you can edit the GIF using Kapwing’s various editing tools and features, like add animated text or emojis, crop the design, change the background color or play around with the GIF’s speed.

You can also start from scratch and create your own GIF!

2. Choose the desired size or quality

Once your GIF is done and uploaded onto the Studio, pick the size you want in the output size settings, found on the right hand menu. You can choose from different sizes based on what you’re publishing the GIF to (Instagram story, Facebook banner, etc.)  or click “custom size” to input the exact dimensions you need. This list outlines optimal photo and video sizes of popular social media platforms.

To maintain the GIF’s shape and proportions, check the lock proportions box under “custom size.” Reducing the output dimensions will also ensure a smaller file size.

Another way to reduce the size is to edit its quality. In the right hand corner, underneath the publish button, click “settings” and change the video quality from high to standard. Lowering the quality will change the pixel resolution to 720p and allow the GIF to be rendered quicker.

3. Click publish to download and share

When your GIF is the perfect size, it’s time to download your creation and head out of the studio. Click “publish” and your reduced sized GIF will be ready for you to download and share with your friends, the internet and the rest of the world.

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