As a developer behind Kapwing, I get to watch all of the videos that our community creates. Kapwing’s Collage Maker tool gives creative minds a lot of flexibility in designing videos from multiple pieces of media. In this post, I’ll share my favorite collages made on Kapwing’s collage maker tool and the templates you can use to make your own.

Here’s the tutorial on making a video collage. You can start with one of Kapwing’s templates or make your own custom template!

Side by side collage

We see a lot of collages that compare two people, moments, or faces. You can use this side by side collage template to make your own and add labels to each side.

Instagram Story collages

Kapwing has a 9:16 option, so lots of creators use it to make Instagram Stories. You could try this five-frame collage for your Instagram Story, for example.

Two by two collage

Combine four images or videos on a canvas. This is a great way to combine multiple images into one post.

Complex collages

Bring together your favorite fan media, quotes, and photo to make a complex custom collage. We see some incredibly creative layouts and designs with 10+ layers, like the one below.

Comparison collage

Show off the before and after or compare two things to each other. This side-by-side template also has labels on each side. Great for transformation videos!

GIF Sequence Collage

Put multiple GIFs, videos, or photos into a sequence to show a snapshot of the video clip. This storyboard style collage showcases the cutest moments of longer video clip! You can also add text captions or commentary along the way. Also a great way to feature different perspectives of the same moment.

Repeated collage

Show the same video side by side! Repeating your video clip or photo can emphasize and absurd moment and make it funnier. You can also flip one of the videos to make a cool mirrored layout, like the collage below.

Here's a tutorial on making this trendy mirrored collage format

Moodboard collage

Make a beautiful moodboard collage with custom colors, text, and videos/GIFs. Great for Instagram Stories or to put on a powerpoint.

Resized video collages

When Instagram users want to post a vertical image or video without cropping out content, they need to add padding or a background to get to a 4:5 aspect ratio that’s allowed on the IG feed. Kapwing’s collage maker is often used to put videos on a blank canvas or add a colored or textured background.

This video was resized to square for Instagram

Picture in Picture Video

In this type of video collage, one video is overlaid on top of another. Picture in picture videos are perfect for YouTube commentary, screencasts, or recorded <a href=""video calls.


Kapwing’s collage tool is also an excellent meme generator. You can add rectangles above and below your video, import directly from YouTube, embed text, and make comic-style memes.

Starter pack collages

“Starter packs” are a meme type where creators illustrate a community or concept with a collage of images, videos, quotes, text, and GIFs. Since Kapwing gives users control over your colors and text, it’s a great tool for making starter pack memes.

That's all! I hope this article inspires you to make some amazing video and photo collages using Kapwing. This online video editor is free to use with no watermark, and it's designed for beginners.