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Kapwing is an easy caption maker for adding captions to your videos

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How it works
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  1. Upload your footage

    Upload the video you want to caption, or paste a link if it's already available on the web!

  2. Type and time the captions

    Transcribe the text you want and space your captions on the video timeline using the Kapwing editor.

  3. Share your video

    Download your captioned video to share directly on social media. Get ready for higher engagement!

Let your message be heard, even without sound

The Kapwing caption maker lets you add subtitles to your video directly. Increase your engagement on social media by adding captions to your videos. It's free and takes only a few clicks!

Use the auto-generate feature to get a machine-powered transcription of your video, or listen to your video to manually transcribe the dialogue. Type and time out the words so that they appear at the right time in the video. With a simple interface, creators can adjust the start and end time of each caption to the exact right timestamp.

After the caption text looks correct, use the video options to change the font, size, color and position of the subtitles on the video. You can make the captions bigger or smaller, change the background behind the text, and resize the video in place for different social media platforms. At the end, click Create to burn the captions directly into the video.

Closed captions or open captions? Kapwing does them both! Free users can add the subtitle text directly and permanently into the MP4. Kapwing Pro users can download and make an SRT file to upload to any social network.

We hope that Kapwing’s caption maker makes your videos more accessible, engaging, and compelling. Our free web app was designed to make tedious video editing tasks faster and simpler for the average creator. Enjoy!