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Generate and edit subtitles easily

Whether you're trying to make your video more inclusive for deaf or hard of hearing viewers, or if you're simply trying to improve engagement on social platforms, it's no question that editing subtitles are an important part of a video editor's workflow. Adding subtitles on a video can improve your videos engagement by 30-50%.

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How to Edit Subtitles

Kapwing is the easiest way to time out, add, remove, and edit subtitles online. This easy online editor will allow you to time out subtitles to the exact time that you need within a video, and best of all, exporting your video will burn the subtitles directly into the video, ensuring that subtitles are present wherever you share your video.

Subtitle editing is a great way to make your videos stand out from others. When you make your subtitles on Kapwing, you will also be able to download an SRT file if you upgrade to a premium account. Kapwing also supports editing subtitles in multiple different languages.

Kapwing works on any computer, tablet, or phone, including Chromebooks, iPads, Windows, Mac, Android, and feature phones. No installs required. Finally, a subtitle editor that actually works for a wide array of content!

Subtitle Editor
  1. Upload Your Video

    Upload the video that you want to add subtitles to. If you don't have a video handy, you can get started with a blank video.

  2. Edit Your Subtitles

    Using the easy subtitle editor, type and time out your subtitles to the correct locations.

  3. Download and Share

    Press ‘Export’ to process your video with subtitles. You can also click Download SRT to download only the subtitles file for easy export to other platforms.

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Mary P.
News Writer / Executive Producer
A brilliant content creation tool for social media that has a tonne of features available even in the free version. Kapwing is an incredible tool for social media content creation, be it GIF's, images, videos, it has a suite of tools to create awesome looking content in minutes.
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Tom F.
Co-Founder in Marketing
Kapwing is great for various reasons. There's a lot of features for both images and video, all of which are extremely easy to use. I also like that the Kapwing staff responds quickly to user feedback and input. If you create content, even using high end software, there's likely a reason for you to still use Kapwing for something.
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Rosa W.
Media Production Partner
Kapwing is pure genius. It takes a number of small, easy video tasks, and makes them easier. No need to download software just to reverse or resize a video.
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